Tsugumi (Twisty)

Music Producer / Composer / Bassist

Owner of C5BK

Residing in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY since 2008, Tsugumi has cultivated a rich tapestry of artistic collaboration across diverse mediums. Her broad portfolio includes collaborations with dancers, choreographers, fashion designers, sculptors, and musicians, showcasing her versatility and adaptability within the creative landscape. She not only performs as a musician herself, but also helps organizing events and recordings for many other artists as a director.

In addition to her collaborative ventures, Tsugumi is a proficient bassist, contributing her musical talents to several bands and projects, enriching the local music scene with her passion and skill.

Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish "C5BK" in September 2023, located at 5 Central Ave in Bushwick, adjacent to the vibrant Green Central Knoll Park. Situated within walking distance of the Morgan Avenue L train station and nestled just off bustling Flushing Avenue, C5BK occupies the former premises of Sake brewery "Kato Sake Works."

Under the stewardship of owner Tsugumi, C5BK has undergone a thoughtful renovation, transforming the space into a versatile hub for artistic expression. Designed to accommodate a variety of events, including gallery showcases, photography and film studio rentals, and private gatherings, C5BK embodies a commitment to fostering creativity and community engagement within the heart of Bushwick's cultural landscape.

Creative space / gallery Tsugumi runs

Bands Tsugumi plays on bass as a member
Kissed By An Animal (on bass)
Eye Röller (on bass)

Pride Parade - Tsugumi is a Music Director for sarAika creation annually
Pride Parade 2023